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Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver in Java

In this blog post , I will explain how to get started with using Selenium Web Driver. I will demonstrate how to create your first Selenium Project in Eclipse IDE, download the jar files using Maven, write your first Selenium Automation Tests by navigating to Selenium Page and validating Selenium Website heading. What is Selenium Web Driver? Selenium Web Driver is … Read More

How to become a Java Web Developer ?(Tools, Frameworks and Technologies to know for a Java Web Developer)

In this blog post, I will discuss how to become a Java Web Developer,who is comfortable in writing front-end as well as the back-end code. This is just a road map of what tools, technologies and frameworks you need to learn to develop web applications in Java. If I start my career as a developer again, I would have learned the tools, technologies … Read More

What is the reason for the error “The blank final field may not have been initialized” ?

In this post I will discuss one of the errors I faced today – “The blank final field role may not have been initialized”. I was trying to create an immutable class called Employee with final variable name,employee Id,role and date of joining. I used a parameterized constructor and a default no-arg constructor. The Employee class I have written is … Read More

Is Java Pass by Value or Pass by Reference ?

In this article, I am going to discuss whether Java is Pass by Value or Pass by Reference. Before discussing whether Java follows Pass by Value or Pass by Reference mechanism, lets see what is Pass by Value and Pass by Reference. Pass by Value : In Pass by Value, the value of the actual parameter i.e. the parameter which is … Read More

Why is main method declared as public static void main(String[] args)?

In this post we will discuss, the reason behind declaring the main method in Java, which is the entry point for a Java Class as public static void main. Lets understand what JVM will do when we try to execute a simple class called using the command

The java command will start the JVM and it will load our class definition … Read More

Back to Basics

My aim is to be a good Software Developer. I am passionate about writing code, developing user-facing products. I started learning Java when I was in my 3rd year of Engineering, I have done Java Certification, learned about Android and hacked together some code for a mobile application when I am in 4th year. I started doing some pet projects … Read More

Understanding Spring Container

Spring is a light weight Dependency Injection Framework which is used to write loosely coupled, well testable and maintainable enterprise applications in Java. Spring Framework mainly follows the IoC (Inversion of Control) or DI(Dependency Injection) principle. In the previous post on Dependency Injection, we have looked at What is Dependency Injection? How it Works? Why should we consider it? Spring applies … Read More

Understanding Dependency Injection

Spring framework is one of the most popular frameworks in the field of Java Web development. One of the main advantages of Spring Framework is it helps in providing loose coupling and provides maintainability and testability to the code. In doing so, one of the main principle Spring Framework follows is Dependency Injection. It is also known as a Dependency … Read More

Immutable objects in Java

Immutable objects in Java means ” objects whose state cannot be changed or mutated after its creation”. Immutable objects are needed because by default Immutable objects are thread safe and have no issues in Concurrency or synchronization. Immutable objects can also be shared across many areas as there will be no problem of state change. String and Integer are considered … Read More

GitHub Tutorial

In this post, I am going to discuss about how to create,clone,checkout a repository in Github. What is Github ? Github is a social code hosting service which uses the version control system Git. We can upload our code and can share with others. First we need to create a Github account in , after that create a repository in Github … Read More